Scope & Topics

ICANN 2014 will feature main tracks on Brain-Inspired Computing and Machine Learning research with strong cross-disciplinary interactions and applications. All research fields dealing with Neural Networks will be present at the conference.

A non-exhaustive list of topics includes:

Brain-Inspired Computing: Cognitive Models, Computational Neuroscience, Self-Organization, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Control and Planning, Hybrid Neural Symbolic Architectures, Neural Dynamics, Recurrent Networks, Deep Learning Networks.

Machine Learning: Neural Network Theory, Neural Network Models, Graphical Models, Bayesian Networks, Kernel Methods, Generative Models, Information Theoretic learning, Reinforcement Learning, Relational Learning, Dynamical Models.

Neural Applications for: Intelligent Robotics, Neurorobotics, Language Processing, Image Processing, Sensor Fusion, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Neural Agents, Brain-Computer Interaction, Neural Hardware, Evolutionary Neural Networks.