Paper submission guidelines

Maximum length is eight (8) pages, formatted according to Springer series instructions. Authors must follow the LNCS guidelines for their paper to be published by Springer:

Detailed instructions can be followed and templates can be used, depending on the preferred tool:

The Program Committee may reject papers exceeding the maximum length on the grounds of length alone. This should be done for their initial submission, so that preparation of the final papers is simplified. Full papers and workshop or tutorial proposals must be submitted electronically in pdf format.

Verbal presentation guidelines

The slots for the verbal presentations are scheduled with 20 minutes. Ideally a talk should be prepared for 17 minutes with additional 3 minutes for discussion.

For the talks all halls are equipped with a beamer, a sound system, a laptop, and a white board. Own laptops can be connected via VGA or HDMI. Additional equipment can be made available upon request.

Poster presentation guidelines

The area for each poster is 1100 mm in width and 1500 mm in height (portrait). The authors may use the area as they wish, ideally with one A0-sized poster in portrait orientation (841 mm x 1189 mm), but should not exceed the poster area.

Pins and tape are provided by the organizers for fixing the posters in the stands.

The ICANN 2014 will feature plenary poster spotlight talks: before the actual poster session begins, every poster presenter has the chance to give a very brief (1-2 min) talk in the lecture hall to the entire audience. As a guideline, a presentation may consist of 2 slides: one for title and affiliation, one for an illustration of scientific approach. The 2 minutes may be sufficient for roughly deliver the information contained in the Abstract of the paper. Time will not allow questions from the audience or any discourse into details, which must be deferred to the following regular poster session.

To make this possible, we need to collect the PDF files of your spotlight presentations in advance, so they can all be concatenated to a single PDF file and put onto the conference laptop, before the spot talk sessions.

Please send your slides to: ICANN2014 (at) by the 1st of September, 2014. Also please help us by stating “Poster Spotlight” and your name in the subject. Let us know, if you prefer not to give a spot talk.